INTACT builds the IT infrastructure of the LaminamRus plant on a turn-key basis. Investments in the localization of the production of ceramic panels in Russia amounts to 25 million euros.
September 28, 2017

It took INTACT team three months to build the IT infrastructure for LaminamRus plant on a turn-key basis. The IT system of the plant, operating in 24/7 mode, meets all the security and fault tolerance requirements necessary for complete automation of production. In the process of design and implementation, INTACT has solved complex, non-standard tasks for integrating IT and industrial infrastructure on an industrial site measuring 14,000 square meters.

LaminamRus is the first and only fully automated enterprise in Russia for the production of super-thin large-format ceramic plates with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and dimensions of 1x3 meters. The parent company is headquartered in Borottago, Italy. The plant was built in the industrial park "Vorsino" in Kaluzhskaya region. For the design and deployment of IT infrastructure, the customer allocated only three months to the INTACT team - this is an extremely short time for a project of such scale. At the same time, the plant's area is 14 thousand square meters, saturated with its own communications, like fire, electrical and water supply network production lines. However, it was not a problem, but another challenge for INTACT.

In order to meet the deadline, it was decided to deploy IT infrastructure simultaneously with the construction work. At the same time, the designers of the Structured Cabling System had to take into account the location of production communications and engineering networks. INTACT specialists dealt with schedules of adjacent contractors to conduct work only on those sites where the construction was completed.

“Even at the start of the project, we realized that it would not be simple. When it is necessary to lay 14 km of copper and 4 km of optical cable lines on the industrial site under construction in less than three months, you involuntarily begin to think about the maximum optimization of project terms and precise organization of labor,” said Alexander Zykov, CEO for INTACT.

To build the IT infrastructure of the plant, INTACT applied IT solutions from Cisco Systems, Dell EMC, Microsoft, VMware and others. Wired network, built on the equipment of Cisco Systems and operates at a speed of 1 GB/s. Furthermore, Wi-Fi networks with high-density coverage, allowing you to operate wireless IP-telephony was deployed. The IP-telephony system is built on the basis of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and includes a Cisco UCCX Contact Center Module.

“If we’ll speak about the challenges, I can tell you how we needed to deploy Wi-Fi network coverage on an area of 14,000 square meters to ensure the operation of IP-telephony and the management of automatic forklifts. In this case, the plant operates gas-electric (combined) kilns for roasting, which create powerful interference. In order to ensure stable operation of Wi-Fi, we conducted a radio survey of the plant with a working production line and subsequently used the data obtained while designing the Wi-Fi subsystem,” said Alexander Batyrev, Sales Director for INTACT.

A fail-safe cluster of firewalls of a new generation protects the local network. To install server applications, a VMware-based virtualization cluster with a dedicated storage system from Dell and an isolated network running the FiberChannel protocol were created.

In order to ensure energy security, an uninterruptible power system is installed on the basis of equipment of the domestic manufacturer Svyaz Engineering. If necessary, it can easily scale more than twice.
The air-conditioning system of the server is built on the basis of two semi-industrial air conditioners and is reserved according to the scheme 1 + 1 with the possibility of rotating the load between them.

“I would say that a very good indication of the development of a production culture in our country is that most of the work in the construction of such a technically equipped production as ours was carried out by Russian contractors. And IT deployment was not an exception. Personally, I am very glad that there are teams in Russia (Integrators) able to organize the process in such a way that a complicated technical task was performed at an exclusively specified time and our company was able to fully appreciate the experience and professionalism of the INTACT system integrator,” said Kiryll Fedchenko, IT Director, for LaminamRus Plant.

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