INTACT deploys multimedia equipment to Skolkovo
November 30, 2017

INTACT has deployed multimedia equipment for conducting educational events and conferences for the auditorium of Technopark in Skolkovo. Multimedia content at the Technopark's events is available both in the hall and remote participants. Video conferencing equipment was installed to hold meetings with remote participants in 15 meeting rooms of Technopark.

The INTACT team faced the goal of equipping a multifunctional conference hall for 200 people with multimedia equipment for 3.5 months, and installing video conference systems in fifteen meeting rooms, while processing the work of the Technopark. Installation, configuration and testing of equipment had to be done outside of working hours or between events. The detailed work plan and the decision to involve additional forces for installation of the most complex systems helped to meet the deadlines.

As the general director of INTACT, Alexander Zykov said, when equipping the conference hall, the INTACT had to solve an unusual task. The multifunctional hall of the Technopark can be either single-volume or divided into 2, 3 or 4 halls, depending on the format of the event.

"To demonstrate the audiovisual content to the participants of Technopark events in four "small" rooms, we used projectors of the installation class and built-in motorized screens. There is a Samsung 4×4 Video Wall with a DVM controller in the main hall. This combination of equipment allowed us to display content from eight sources on a video wall,” said Alexander Zykov.

INTACT team installed matrix processor free routing Yamaha MRX-7D and Matrix Switches Enova® DGX for flexible operation of sound amplification, switching and control in the multifunctional conference hall. Audiovisual equipment is managed by using touch panels from any of the 8 assistant workstations and mobile tablet. The transfer of content is possible both when connecting to the system interfaces from the teacher assistant's workstations, and through the BYOD system from personal devices over the wireless network.

In addition, INTACT equipped 15 meeting rooms of Technopark with systems for displaying multimedia content and conducting videoconferencing sessions.

As a result of the work carried out by INTACT, the Technopark received a high-tech platform, equipped both for holding its own and guest events of various formats - from small negotiations and seminars to business conferences with up to 600 participants.

"We are very grateful to our partner, INTACT for the fact that they have clearly met such tight deadlines and helped us to hold the planned event in the new technical conditions. This project has significantly expanded our capabilities both for carrying out our own activities and for organizing the events of our partners, "said Sergei Pliusnin, Director of Design and Construction of the Skolkovo Technopark.

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