Computer vision is the future
April 26, 2018

INTACT took part in "IT-Axis 2018. Digital Transformation" Forum, which took place on April, 12. Team members, told about the possibilities of computer vision and presented a ready-made solution in partnership with Facemetric.

"IT-Axis" Forum, held in April in the Skolkovo Technopark, is a discussion platform for demonstrating the latest technologies, exchanging experience and ideas for business development through innovation.
This year, the main topic of the forum was digital transformation, which is a strategic one for the Russian government at the moment. The forum united leading world manufacturers of equipment and software, system integrators, representatives of start-ups and end customers.

One of the features of the forum is a busy business program that includes expert reports, presentations of innovative technologies and techniques, as well as presentation of business cases of companies that have embarked on the path of digital transformation or have already passed it.

During the Forum INTACT members presented a report on the use of computer vision for solving applied problems. Ilya Zubarevich, technical director for INTACT, and Yury Godyna, CEO for Facemetric, demonstrated how a software and hardware system, based on computer vision, can transform the work of a fishing vessel. Calculations showed that the profit from the introduction of the system from one ship for one expedition could exceed one million dollars.

"Computer vision from a highly specialized area has now turned into a technology that is already used by business and has important applied value. Range of use for the computer vision is very wide. This is the recognition of persons, gestures and poses, numbers, checks and handwritten texts, and tracking the movement of people, and determining the correctness of the operations, and determining the quantitative characteristics of the object", said Ilya Zubarevich. - Thanks to computer vision, many industries, including retail, manufacturing, services, can optimize their costs, increase profits, improve the quality of products and services. Computer vision is precisely the tool that will soon become the starting point for a breakthrough in digitalization. 

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