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Signing a memorandum of partnership and cooperation with vMind
March 7, 2019

The Russian system integrator company INTACT’s CEO, Mr. Alexander Zykov and the Turkish system integration company vMind’s CEO, Mr. Volkan Duman signed an agreement of partnership and cooperation on 7th of March in Moscow.

Purpose of this agreement is to create mutual labor, to cooperate for common publicity and to accomplish new projects both in lands of Russian Federation and in Republic of Turkey. Sides has taken the first step by the holding their first partnership meeting in order to show that the necessary support will be given in future.

Mr. Zykov said that ‘’Diplomatic relationship between Russians and Turks have been continuing for more than five hundred years. Right now, Turkey is in the list of ten biggest trade partners of Russia. We believe that it is important to maintain the productive partnership and meet their new perspective, following the signed agreement, with pleasure.’’ And followed by stating, ‘’We keep successful projects that we did with the ANEX Tour, which is known with the arrival of Turkish market leader Ziraat Bank in Russia, in our portfolio. We have the expertise to attract Turkish customers.’’

Mr. Duman supported the agreement by saying, ‘’On March 2018, leaders of both countries’ agreed to declare the year 2019 as ‘Russia and Turkey Culture and Tourism Year’. We support the attempt made by governments and we do want to be in communication with our partner effectively. We are determined to apply our projects in international levels because we believe that we share the same ground with INTACT in terms of our goals and values. The signed agreement will enable us to present thisin both countries effectively and successfully.

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