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INTACT is a named winner in Cisco Ecosystem Partner of the YEar nomination for EMEAR region!
November 2, 2020

Cisco's global partner awards are granted to best partners for innovative technology breakthroughs and achievements in IT markets in all regions. Nominees' projects considered include smart and automated infrastructure solutions, applications based on Cisco architectures, and business-oriented software products.

"INTACT has been cooperating with Cisco for over 10 years. We give a lot of focus to this specific vendor, because Cisco is a market leader when it comes to corporate solutions for IT infrastructure. They have a huge portfolio of solutions. Cisco has a very fundamental approach to their business, they are very deliberate, rational, and demand the same from their partners. Ecosystem Partner of the Year award is only presented to partners who create added value for customers using Cisco solutions. We worked very hard through a few years developing our strategic partnership with Cisco. The neural-net based computer vision solution based utilizing Cisco equipment is a project that is bound to succeed. We are very grateful to Cisco for this award," says INTACT CTO Ilya Zubarevich.

"Our company is proud to be a Cisco partner. In recent years, we have significantly improved our business processes with an emphasis on promoting Cisco solutions and equipment. Achieving Ecosystem Partner of the Year in EMEAR region as a recognition of our achievements is a great honor for us," says INTACT CEO Alexander Zykov.


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