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Installation of IT structures and audiovisual solutions for the Training Campus based on Corporate Healing Center SIBUR-South
Time limits of implementation: December 2015 - January 2016

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Campus downtime during the off-season.
  • Narrow functional focus of the Center, aimed at the health improvement of the SIBUR’s personnel
  • Lack of useful spaces, fully equip
  • ped to hold educational events of a different level


  • In the shortest possible time (for one and a half months) by the means of re-equipment to transform Corporate Healing Center into a multifunctional complex, oriented both for the employees’ rest and for holding various events with the use of innovative information technologies
  • To provide additional profit from the Campus by attracting third-party Clients


The Campus IT system has been modernized with the equipment from over 34 manufacturers, including AMX, Polycom, Samsung, Cisco, Bosch, SMART, SHURE, Yamaha and others.

A key feature of this project is that deployment of IT structure was organized simultaneously with the construction works on re-equipping the Training Campus.

Following procedures were carried out during the project implementation:

  • A complex of multimedia systems, video conferencing system, and video information display facilities were installed
  • Microphone support and amplification systems, congress system, simultaneous interpreting system, centralized control system for video and audio materials also installed
  • AMX Enzo gateway for content broadcast over wireless networks from mobile gadgets and laptops was installed
  • Interactive training schedules were created
  • A system of holding video conferences with remoted participants was organized
  • SmartBridgit sever for 500 clients, which allows organize a collaborate work with documents, was deployed
  • SmartBoard LCD panels, images from which can be displayed on the duplicate screens, video walls, gadgets, were installed (these panels are also can be used while holding video conferences)
  • A system of video cameras, which automatically detect the microphone and the speaker were implemented.
  • A unified IT infrastructure management system was created.

Customer Benefits

  • Cooperation between construction and IT workers led to a shortening of the project realization period up to 47 days
  • A fully equipped multifunctional center for holding events of different level and format was created.
  • A high-tech platform for organizing educational training for SIBUR employees was created
  • The necessity to lease a third-party premises for SIBUR internal events was eliminated
  • An opportunity to make profit by renting the Campus premises to the third-party Clients was granted. It would shorten the payback period of the project.
Customer's Feedback

SIBUR is a unique vertically integrated gas processing and petrochemical company. SIBUR owns and operates the largest gas processing business in Russia in the terms of processing associated petroleum gas and is the leader in petrochemical industry of the country.

SIBUR operates on 26 production sites situated in the different regions of the country. The number of employees of the group is more than 27,000 people. The company sells products to more than 1400 large consumers in the fuel and energy, automotive, construction, consumer goods, chemical and other industries in 75 countries.

Corporate Healing Center SIBUR-South is the corporate healing center situated on the coast of the Black Sea in the resort town of Anapa. There are five comfortable buildings on 7 hectares of the coastline. The corporate center is profiled on the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, respiratory organs, ENT organs, as well as female genital organs, diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and skin problems. Particular attention is paid to the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases and pathologies. The healing effect from the procedures is amplified massively coupled with the climatotherapy, healthy and delicious food, healing water and mud.