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Deployment of IT infrastructure in the branch of А&NN АDVISОR LIМIТЕD (Republic of Cyprus) in Moscow
Time limits of implementation: January 2014 - May 2015

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Tight deadlines on deploying of the IT infrastructure in the Company’s new office
  • The necessity of rapid migration of critical Internet- and VoIP-services


  • Within a limited time to design the project of IT infrastructure of the Company’s new office
  • To delivery equipment and to organize commissioning and startup of SCS, WLAN, LAN, VCS, audiovisual systems, VoIP and subsystems of uninterrupted power supply
  • To organize the migration of the Company’s vital services, such as VoIP, Internet, VPN, Point-to-Point Channels


IT infrastructure, capable of serving 350 users and based on the technological solutions of the leading vendors of the industry, was created.

When deploying video conferencing system, a solution based on EUROLAN solutions, was used.

LAN and WLAN subsystems are implemented in the basis of Cisco Systems equipment.

When implementing VCS, modern solutions of POLYCOM were used – in particular, new VCS codecs, such as CX1500 and CX7000, were installed.

Audiovisual control system (ACS) was implemented on the basis of CRESTON control elements. ACS information display system is based on PANASONIC equipment.

Acoustic system of ACS is performed on the basis of EATON solutions.

The subsystem of uninterrupted power supply is made using the equipment of GENERAL ELECTRIC

GE certificated specialists conducted commissioning and startup of UPS with a capacity of 20kVA. They also installed powerful capacitive batteries, which guarantee up to 45 minutes of autonomous operation of the server and user equipment in the event of a power outage.

Customer Benefits

  • IT infrastructures of the new Company’s office were deployed on time
  • Migration of the critical Internet- and VoIP-services was carried out operatively and correctly
  • SCS is deployed with the use if materials with an optimal ‘price/quality’ ratio, which allowed Customer to reduce expenses without reducing the quality and reliability of switching equipment.
  • Effectiveness of operational communication and interaction between the Company’s employees was increased
  • Expenses on business trips were reduced
  • A high level of operational independence is achieved, which will allow to minimize losses in case of emergency power failure

A & NN Investments is an investment holding with a focus on the Russian market. The holding was founded in 2002 and specializes in acquiring companies with good economic indicators, growth prospects and clear opportunities to exit the business. Today, after almost 15 years of history, A & NN Investments manages assets of 2.4 billion USD. In the portfolio companies A & NN employs about 50 thousand people.