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Technical support and administration of GetTaxi call center based on AVAYA IP Office solutions
Time limits of implementation: December 2014 - July 2015

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Absence of own technical support service for call center
  • Working instability of the call center


  • To ensure the continuous operation of the Customer’s call center
  • Maintaining the system in a stable working conditions


  • Call center based on AVAYA IP office solutions was deployed
  • Technical support of the call center was provided in 24/7 mode

Customer Benefits

  • Uninterrupted and reliable work of the call center
  • Increase in Company’s profits
  • The quality of customers service was improved
  • Customers loyalty was increased

GetTaxi Rus LLC is an international innovative company operating in Israel, England and Europe. At present, it starts its activity in the Russian market.

The goal of GetTaxi Rus is to provide a qualitatively new approach to the problem of taxi ordering and management of additional services package.

In our work, we focus on automating processes, providing maximum customer comfort and responsiveness.

The taxi order has never been so safe, convenient and pleasant.

By downloading the mobile application ‘GetTaxi Rus’ to your phone, you can order a taxi with a single button and get an answer within 30 seconds. By observing the route and time of arrival of the car in real time, you will also have the opportunity to select a driver and see additional information about him.

We need professionals who are creatively fit to solve their tasks, with creative thinking, ready to perform their work qualitatively and effectively.