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IT infrastructure for LAMINAM RUS plant on a turnkey basis
Time limits of implementation: December 2016 - March 2017

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Launch of the production site (with implemented vital IT systems) into the operation
  • Very tight deadlines before launch into the operation
  • Conducting construction work simultaneously with the implementing of network infrastructures


  • To equip the plant with all IT systems, necessary for its operation, including a local computer network, structured cabling networks, optical and copper lines, Wi-Fi networks.
  • While deploying the network, to take into account the features of the production cycle, including electric firing facilities, which can interfere with the Wi-Fi equipment.
  • During the cable routing, to build an alternative route, taking into account the integration of the network with the fire and electrical systems and with the water supply system.


INTACT team implemented an integrated, modern and safe IT infrastructure for LAMINAM RUS plant.

The following subsystems were implemented:

  • Cable subsystem
  • Subsystem of air conditioning of technological premises
  • Power supply and UPS subsystems
  • LAN and WLAN
  • IP-telephony and wireless IP-telephony
  • Firewalls and security systems
  • Subsystems of computer complex and data backup

LAN was deployed using Cisco Systems equipment, capable of working at a speed of 1 Gb/s

Wi-Fi coverage with a high capacity was implemented in plant facilities, allowing using IP-telephony.

Implemented IP-telephony systems - in addition to its standard functions – includes the Cisco UCCX Contact Center module and the Cisco Jabber IMS.

A virtualization cluster, based on VMware solutions with Dell Complement SC2020 dedicated data storage system and isolated FC protocol network, was created to install server applications.

Implemented uninterruptible power system, based on the equipment of domestic manufacturer - Svyaz Engineering – can easily scale itself more than twice.

Air conditioning system is based in two semi-industrial air conditioners. Systems is implemented on 1+1 basis, which allows to rotate the load within the system.

Implemented IT infrastructure uses solutions of Cisco Systems, Palo Alto, Dell EMC, Microsoft, VMware and others.

Customer's Feedback

LAMINAM RUS is a joint Russian-Italian enterprise for the production of ultra-thin ceramic tiles (thickness from 3mm and size up to 1,5m*4m) of various designs.