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Audit of the data center and development of the scaling strategy of software package for ANEX Tour
Time limits of implementation: January 2017 - February 2017

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Slow work of the booking module (main business application)
  • Absence of the clear strategy for the development of the IT infrastructure
  • Obsolete equipment
  • Absence of backup Data Center
  • Low speed of network
  • Absence of backup 


  • To identify the reason for the slow operation speed of the main business application
  • To develop approaches for scaling IT infrastructure
  • To make an inventory of IT infrastructure and to commit it in ‘AS IS’ approach
  • To identify errors in the current architecture of the Data Center
  • To formulate recommendations for the modernization of the Data Center
  • To develop and commit Data Center architecture in ‘TO BE’ approach


INTACT carried out the following procedures during the project implementation:

  • Series of interviews with the Customer and Manufacturer representatives were held
  • A monitoring system was installed, aimed at collecting statistics from the servers and storage systems
  • An inventory of server equipment was made
  • Performance measurements were made
  • An audit of databases was conducted

The following results were obtained

  • A scaling strategy for IT infrastructure was developed
  • Situation ‘AS IS’ was committed
  • Bottlenecks in main business application performance were defined
  • A roadmap for the development of the Data Center was developed
  • A Data Center development plan was developed
  • The ‘TO BE’ Data Center architecture was developed

Customer Benefits

  • An aggregate picture of current situation in the Data Center and its present problems is obtained
  • The further steps for the development and modernization of the current Data Center were identified, formulated and projected

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