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Upgrade of Computing Resources and Data Storage System, certified for SAP HANA
Time limits of implementation: November 2017 - January 2018

Customers problems to be solved

  • High load of processing powers in the end of the calendar year;
  • Additional requirement of data storage capacity;
  • Tight equipment delivery and set up deadlines.


  • To set up Bull server equipment and DellEMC Data Storage System in tight deadlines.
  • To design working papers on solution implemented integration into the current IT-infrastructure of the Customer;
  • To set up and configure implemented solution without interruption of work of the existing Data Storage System services.


In the end of 2017 INTACT in partnership with Atos delivered Bullion servers (Bull’s brand) and DellEMC Data Storage equipment to recuperate the lack of server resources required for critical business-apps.

Work conducted:

  • SAP certified for Software-hardware complex for efficient operation of HANA DBMS. Complex included:
    • 2 Bull Bullion S8 computing servers;
    • EMC VNX5400 Data Storage System

Implemented solution is a scalable complex. The key benefit of Bull servers is the opportunity to be scaled up to a server with 16 CPUs without necessity to replace the existing equipment. It is important that Atos delivered totally ready to run servers with pre-integrated SAP HANA DBMS. 

System of two Bull Bullion S6 and EMC Unity 400 Data Storage System was set up separately. It will be used for testing and debugging.

  • Servers and Data Storage Systems were set up into the rack and switched to Data Processing Centre via LAN and SAN.
  • Servers and Data Storage Systems were configured for further usage according to SAP HANA.
  • Working papers on the project were designed.
  • Three-year manufacturer’s guarantee with Gold+ SLA and technical support was granted.

Due to the tight deadlines shipment was conducted by air from France where Bull’s server production is situated.

Atos, Bull, Dell EMC solutions were used to build up IT-infrastructure.

Customer Benefits

  • The lack of resources and inability to operate SAP applications with high performance were recuperated;
  • Opportunity to scale implemented solution: ability to increase productivity by scaling Bullion S6 and S8 servers to Bulllion S16;
  • Reliability of the system was increased as a whole.

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