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Modernization of IT infrastructure of FrutoNyanya plant
Time limits of implementation: January 2017 - April 2018


  • To minimize the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure
  • To create a fault-tolerant and reserved connection of remoted premises
  • To build a security perimeter and improve the overall level of information security
  • To ensure effective access of employees to common network information resources
  • To implement management policies for classes of service traffic (QoS)
  • To modernize of the plant LAN and implement of a convergent core that combines the functions of LAN and FOCL networks
  • To modernize of structured cable systems (SCS) and FOCL of the plant
  • To implement of a unified network monitoring system

Modernization of the IT infrastructure was carried out in several stages. The first stage was a developing a set of technical documentation. In the subsequent stages, direct implementation of the systems was carried out.

The following subsystems were modernized:

  • cable subsystem
  • LAN
  • computer system
  • uninterruptible power supply system

The following subsystems were implemented:

  • Firewall systems
  • Monitoring systems

During implementation of the project, more than 20 remoted premises were united in one system, connection of each premise is reserved by 8 different network paths.

When upgrading LAN, more than 30 switches were installed and configured.

INTACT team connected and tested more than 400 ports for users and technological devices.
While fulfilling the project, more than 3 kilometers of optical and more than 13 kilometers of copper cable were laid.

More than 90 devices and 50 services of the Customer were added to the monitoring system.
Solutions from Cisco Systems, Fortinet, HP, SolarWinds, APC and others were applied during the implementation of the project.

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