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Creating infrastructure for the new IPCO office
Time limits of implementation: June 2018 - August 2018

The Customer's problems and needs

  • To prepare the new office infrastructure for relocation.
  • Tasks
  • To create and install structural cable systems (SCS);
  • To implement the access control system (ACS);
  • To implement the local area network (LAN);
  • To implement the wireless local area network (WLAN);
  • To implement the network firewalls (NFW);
  • To implement and connect the telephone system;
  • To connect the CCTV and intercom system.


  • To carry out the initial investigation for the development of WLAN requirements;
  • To develop the SOW in two languages;
  • To install and configure the routers;
  • To install and configure the NFW;
  • To configure the servers;
  • To integrate the systems with the Active Directory and configure the customer interfaces;
  • To relocate the IPCO file storage;
  • To configure the basic parameters of the Cisco CUCM cluster;
  • To connect users to the file server;
  • To install and configure Cisco IP-telephones;
  • To run a diagnostics of the power grids;
  • To install and configure the projector;
  • To configure the DSP for transcoding and conferences;
  • To configure the call routing;
  • To install structural cable systems and connect the RJ-45 sockets;
  • To commission the intercom and CCTV systems;
  • To modernise the switchboard rooms.

Benefits for the Customer

By equipping the office with cutting-edge IT technologies, the customer managed to optimise personnel efficiency, automate both internal and external business processes and upgrade the quality of the solutions proposed.

Customer's Feedback

IPCO provides innovative technologies based on a profound understanding of the wide range of production processes all over the world: woodworking, the food industry, sulfuring, steel straps, conveyor components and the chemical industry.

A Sandvik Process Systems division in the past, IPCO is now an independent company integrated into the Wallenberg Group — a business structure with 600,000 employees and a total sales volume of more than € 140 billion.