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Upgrade of the corporate data transfer network of PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex
Time limits of implementation: April 2019 - August 2019

The Customer's problems and needs

  • Legacy equipment of the existing corporate data transfer network (CDTN)
  • Failure of the existing CDTN to comply with the current performance and resiliency requirements
  • Need to upgrade the existing CDTN to meet the critical information infrastructure requirements
  • Need to optimize the network architecture of the customer's branch offices


  • Creating a modern failsafe "transport" network for the CDTN
  • Implementing the CDTN cryptographic protection means
    Implementing an information security subsystem in the CDTN based on firewalls
  • Implementing a subsystem for centralized collection and processing of information security alerts from the CDTN equipment
  • Implementing a subsystem for centralized authentication, authorization, and audit
  • Upgrading the existing CDTN without shutting down business-critical services


  • Full-scale design of a failsafe, secure CDTN
  • Project documentation development
  • Creating a resilient topology ensuring 100% backup of the CDTN components and communication channels
  • Integration of the upgraded CDTN with hardware at the core level of the network connecting the headquarters and branch offices
  • Deployment of the server for centralized authentication, authorization, and audit based on TACACS+
  • Integration of the AAA server with the customer's domain infrastructure
  • Implementing mechanisms for centralized authentication in CDTN hardware of the headquarters and branch offices
  • Implementing a system for centralized collection and storage of information security alerts based on the ELK stack
  • Migration to the upgraded CDTN without interrupting business-critical services of the customer

Benefits for the Customer

  • High-speed access to information within a single information environment
  • Significant acceleration of communication between employees of the customer
  • Easy CDTN management, scaling, and operation
  • Lower spending on the network infrastructure maintenance and operation
  • Guaranteed availability of business-critical services thanks to the resilient CDTN architecture
  • Automated control and collection of data on the CDTN equipment operation


The Ilyushin Aviation Complex is one of the leading Russian aerotechnics developers. PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex and the Transport Aviation Division of PJSC United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) manufacture products and provide services in the aerotechnics area that meet high efficiency, quality, and safety requirements. The enterprises develop and implement innovative in-house technologies in the manufacturing process and use cutting-edge domestic and foreign technologies. 

PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex and UAC see quality as one of the key competitive advantages of the products and services. The activities of the enterprises are considered and managed as interdependent processes within a harmonized system where human resources are the top priority.