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Implementation of Cisco Jabber and Telephony system for ZIRAAT BANK JSC (Moscow)
Time limits of implementation: April 2015 - May 2015

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Insufficient effectivity of the call center
  • Low level of efficiency in interaction between the personnel


  • To implement a modern system of IP-telephony with call center with the functionality of recording, billing, monitoring and equipped with fax server
  • To deploy the system which will meet all modern requirements and standards
  • To implement own corporate message-client to improve the promptness of communication in resolving operational issues between employees of any position.


System based on Cisco Systems solution was deployed

Cisco BE6000 server has been installed. The equipment has the appropriate set of licenses as a terminal core for the processing of the IP-telephony system, its subsystems and systems of unified communication.

Cisco 2911 router with voice bundle as a gateway for processing the flow, coming from the operator, was installed.

The following models of phones were selected:

  • For employees - CP-7821-K9=, CP-3905=          
  • For secretaries and administrative personnel - CP-7962G, CP-7915=, equipped with optional panels for fast dial and CP-7925G-E-K9= cordless phones
  • For top management - CP-DX650-K9= with color touch screen

Customer Benefits

  • Increase in productivity of the working time of the Company’s top management and ordinary staff
  • Reducing the time of decision-making
  • Simplification of operational communication and interaction of the Company’s employees
  • Significant increase in the effectivity of the call center work
Customer's Feedback

ZIRAAT BANK JSC (Moscow) was founded as a Russian-Turkish joint venture in 1993. It has been operating since 2001 with 100% Turkish capital. The Bank carries out banking operations in accordance with General License No. 2559 issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

On November 18, 2004, in accordance with Art. 21 and art. 43 of the Federal Law No. 177-FZ of December 23, 2003 on Insurance of Individual Deposits in the Banks of the Russian Federation, the State Corporation “Deposit Insurance Agency” included ZIRAAT BANK JSC (Moscow) in the register of banks participating in the mandatory Deposit insurance at number 200.

ZIRAAT BANK JSC (Moscow) is a subsidiary of the Turkish State Ziraat Bank A.Sh. - the leader of the banking sector in Turkey.