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Upgrade of VCS and implementation of Cisco Jabber for ENERGOPROM MANAGEMENT JSC – the leading company of the Russian coal-graphite industry
Time limits of implementation: March 2015 - July 2015

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Lack of meeting rooms
  • Large financial and time expenses on business trips
  • High travel expenses on Company’s top management business trips


  • To modernize the existing video conferencing system by increasing the number of meeting rooms and expanding it functionality
  • To increase the level of interaction between management personnel
  • To implement own corporate message-client to increase interaction of employees of all levels while working on operational issues.


The capabilities of the existing video conferencing system, which was created in January 2015, have been modernized and expanded through the creation of the additional meeting room and implementation of personal codecs for managers of the Company.

Following procedures were carried out during the project implementation:

  • BE6000 server for terminal processing of VSC calls and communication center for unified communications were deployed
  • Router 2921 as a gateway for entering traffic and its encryption was installed
  • Integration of SX20 codecs for the meeting room in conjunction with two 55-inch Samsung LCD panels for the personal workspace with the ability to its relocation
  • Cisco Jabber application for unified communications was implemented

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction of expenses om business trips
  • The productivity of the working time in the Company’s management was increased
  • Reducing the time of decision-making
  • The speed of solving the operational problems was increased
  • Short payback period
Customer's Feedback

ENERGOPROM Group is a company that unites key enterprises of the Russian carbon industry: plants in Novocherkassk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk electrode plants, Doncarb Graphite and Aviauglerod.

The Group's enterprises produce a wide range of products: from large-sized serial products (graphite electrodes, carbon electrodes, and cathode blocks) to specially manufactured graphite apparatuses and graphite structural products (chemical equipment, special graphites).

The Group's enterprises use the most modern technologies, some of which have no analogues in the world. Another interesting fact is that the company's main product is synthetic graphite, a material that is a nanoproduct.

The main consumers of ENERGOPROM products are Russian and foreign enterprises of steel, aluminum, ferroalloy, silicon, chemical, nuclear and machine-building industries. The company conducts business globally, supplying more than 50% of its products to foreign markets.

The group is one of the five largest world producers of carbon-graphite products.