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The implementation of recording complex for the Moscow Region Fire and Rescue Service (State Public Institution of the Moscow Region)
Time limits of implementation: June 2015 - August 2015

Customers problems, needed to be solved

  • Existing system is morally obsolete and do not provide the proper quality of conversations recording. Lack of reliability, lack of high level of automatization.
  • Insufficient protection of the Data Storage System


Organization of real-time recording of conversations carried out on four channels:

  • Telephone network
  • Radio network
  • Mobile network
  • Backup communication channel

Recording should be carried out from the moment of the beginning of the conversation and after in termination for another 5 seconds.


A recording system, based on the solution of the Russian vendor SpRecord, was created.

The functionality of the system allows to record:

  • Conversations through the analog telephone networks
  • Conversations through the mobile network
  • Conversations through the radio network
  • Indoor conversations

Recording system consists of the following functional units:

  • SpGate GSM-gateway
  • SpRecord A4 system
  • C1 radio station signal mixer
  • SpRecord watchdog timer
  • PC with specialized software

The key feature of the project is the reliable recording protection of all conversations at the program and physical level, including protection from the deliberate data destruction.

Customer Benefits

  • Software expenses saving due to the low cost of SpRecord solution
  • Saving of time and resources during the implementation due to the ease of installation and operation of the system
  • The level of safety and data security was increased
  • The reliability and the quality of conversation recordings was increased

Moscow Region Fire and Rescue Service (State Public Institution of the Moscow Region) is a state organization created to protect the population from emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters and to eliminate their consequences, fire extinguishing, emergency rescue and other urgent work in emergency situations of intermunicipal and regional nature.