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Cryptographic protection systems

Cryptographic protection of information is a mechanism that ensures protection by means of data encryption. Cryptographic methods of protecting data are extensively used by companies to store, process, and transfer information via communication channels and various media.

Subsystems' elements:

  • Software cryptographic protection systems
  • Software encryptors for hard disks and flash drives, memory cards, CD/DVD
  • Software encryptors for email messages, attachment files, secure chats
  • VPN
  • Using HTTPS
  • Hardware cryptographic protection systems
  • Smart cards
  • Readers for PC
  • USB encryptors, flash drives

Use case:

  • Encrypting data in channels that connect offices
  • Encrypting data transferred between sites
  • Encrypting data in a local network
  • Ensuring secure access to published resources
  • Encrypting data during user access via VPN

Solution benefits:

  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of information security standards, Russian legislation
  • Reliable storage and transmission of critical data
  • Mitigating reputational and financial risks of critical information leakage