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Antispam systems

Any system where email correspondence is necessary faces the spam issue. At the early stage, spam was a means of disseminating annoying advertisement. Now, it is a full-fledged weapon for an abuser. Present-day antispam systems are capable of neutralizing mass and targeted attacks via email messages and preventing the loss of confidential data.

Use case:

  • Setting up a secure mail server
  • Setting up a gateway for email filtering
  • Blocking spam before it reaches the mail server

System elements:

Present-day email security systems include:

  • Antivirus subsystem that analyzes attachments for malicious software. If viruses are detected, they are transferred to quarantine, and the user receives the message without the insecure attachment.
  • ULR filtering subsystem that scans the email body for electronic links. The links are subject to a comprehensive examination. If a website with a bad reputation or a potentially insecure content is found, the link is removed from the message.
  • The antispam subsystem checks the email source using a wide range of parameters. If the verdict is that the message source is illegitimate, the message is marked as spam and is not delivered to the recipient.

Benefits of the subsystem:

  • Corporate mail protection against spam
  • Corporate mail protection against phishing attacks
  • Protection against malicious software disseminated by means of email attachments
  • Automatically generated spam reports (statistics)