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Antivirus protection tools

Any activity in the present-day world of information is related to the operation of numerous and diverse software products. Some of these products may have accidental or, even worse, intentional malicious impact on a single machine or even on the entire system. This may result in a variety of negative consequences—from corrupting or stealing sensitive data to an outage of network infrastructure elements.

To prevent such events, organizing proper antivirus protection plays a crucial role.

Use case:

  • Organizing antivirus protection of terminal user equipment
  • Antivirus protection for servers
  • Antivirus protection for email systems
  • Network traffic analysis for malicious software

Subsystem elements:

Depending on the requirements and tasks, the antivirus system can be built using the following components:

  • The user antivirus software protects the terminal network user equipment.
  • The server antivirus software protects mail and file servers.
  • The antivirus gateway analyzes the passing network traffic for malicious software.
  • A single control and monitoring console is a mechanism for controlling the state of the antivirus system on all network devices and prompt responding to detected security threats. 

Benefits of the subsystem:

  • Preventing the corruption or stealing of sensitive data by using malicious software
  • Preventing deterioration of performance and incorrect operation of user and server equipment
  • Protecting the network infrastructure elements