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Privileged access management systems (PAM)

Any company faces the issue of monitoring and controlling the accounts of IT department employees, system administrators, outsource company employees who administer the company's information infrastructure. Extended permissions of these users make it possible for them to easily obtain the company's valuable information or disturb the operation of its infrastructure. At the same time, it may be difficult to trace the abuser's unauthorized activities. To mitigate the IS risks related to such incidents, special solutions for managing and controlling the accounts of both in-house and external system administrators are required—privileged access management systems (PAM).

Use case:

  • Creating an efficient mechanism for privileged access management
  • Setting up a single sign-on point for all privileged users

Solution benefits:

  • Mitigating the risks of financial losses or reputational damage for the organization resulting from confidential information leaks or the information system failure due to unauthorized administrator activities
  • Reduced system recovery time thanks to the transparency of the latest administrator activities that have resulted in a failure
  • Support of the efficient IS incident investigation using recorded data on how the IS incidents had occurred and developed
  • Faster response to unauthorized activities, an option to intervene or close a session in the event of suspicious activity
  • Ensuring compliance with the information security standards related to privileged access management