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Firewall systems

Internet access has been a crucial element for the efficient operation and development of any business for a long time. However, there are significant security challenges related to internet usage. Firewalls have been used as the first line of network protection against attacks for a long time. They perform the function of a barrier between protected network segments and insecure external networks, for example, the internet. These devices analyze traffic based on a set of rules and make decisions on whether traffic can be forwarded inside the network further. Next-generation firewalls also support built-in deep packet inspection (DPI), intrusion protection systems (IPS), and traffic inspection on the application level (Web Application Firewall).

Use case:

  • Installing a firewall on the border between the local network and the internet to ensure protection of hosts against external attacks
  • Creating a demilitarized zone for moving all services that require external access from the local network to the special zone
  • Traffic filtering between different network segments

Benefits of the subsystem:

  • High-quality protection of the internal network
  • Minimizing potential attacks
  • Ensuring adequate network transparence, identification of active user applications
  • Faster detection of malicious programs, localizing and liquidating the results of their activities, incident investigation