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Connecting offices via protected communication channels (VPN)

During their development, companies face the issue of communication between several branches as well as connection of mobile employees (e.g., employees who work remotely). A solution to the issue is to create a logical system of territorially distributed computing networks. For this purpose, the VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is used. It creates the logical private network over the public internet network using cryptographic means for data protection.

Use case:

  • Organizing secure remote access to corporate resources
  • Organizing secure communication channels to remote branches of the organization

Solution benefits:

Advantages achieved by creating a system of offices using VPN technology

  • Significantly lower expenses as compared to dedicated channel services
  • Cost effectiveness thanks to an option to centralize the company's IT resources in its headquarters, avoiding duplicate server capabilities, software, human resources
  • Convenient administration of centralized resources
  • Interaction with internal resources of the company via secure communication channels