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Speech communication systems

Use case:

  • Organizing high-quality internal and external telephone service
  • Providing basic and advanced telephony service functions to the organization, such as call holding, call transfer, audio conferencing, viewing tasks assigned to an employee, voicemail, etc.
  • roviding a corporate softphone service to the organization that supports such functions as instant messaging, calls, availability status sharing
  • Setting up mobile employees who can communicate from their homes, during business trips, on the move
  • Establishing a territorially distributed enterprise phone network 

Subsystem elements:

  • Server part: telephony core comprised of computing resources and specialized software. Additional telephony services can be implemented as individual modules.
  • Voice gateways provide for junction points of different technologies as well as allocate resources for audio signal processing.
  • Terminals: audio and video phones, softphones.

Benefits of the subsystem:

  • Lower spending on local, long-distance and international phone calls
  • Higher efficiency of employees
  • Higher employee mobility
  • Unification of a distributed enterprise structure into a single telephone network